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October 21, 2014
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October 21, 2014
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Realtime Worlds Announces Social Platform  Project: MyWorld
Realtime Worlds Announces Social Platform Project: MyWorld
July 29, 2010 | By Tom Curtis

July 29, 2010 | By Tom Curtis
More: Console/PC

Realtime Worlds, developer of APB and the original Crackdown, has announced Project: MyWorld, a PC platform that combines social media with a virtual representation of the real world.

More of a social platform than a game, Project: MyWorld uses data from GIS (geographic information system) mapping services to create a 3D render of entire countries. Users can then alter the features of cities and towns using in-game tools to make buildings and other structures more accurately mimic the real world.

Project: MyWorld uses a Wiki-like system to ensure that users do not alter the virtual world in ways that stray too far from reality. Realtime Worlds released a walkthrough video, demonstrating tools that allow users to alter the dimensions, colors, textures, and external features of buildings.

The project integrates several forms of social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Google, and Loopt, though there are few details about how these services will work within the platform.

Users can also play several types of casual games within the virtual locations, including fishing, driving, farming, and flying.

“We see Project: MyWorld as the next generation of social game platforms…we see it has the intersection between virtual worlds, online gaming and social media,” explains Sean Dugan, design director of Project: MyWorld.

Realtime Worlds hopes to open the Project: MyWorld platform to users early next year.

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Douglas Rae
profile image
Judging from APB - this will no doubt be a complete disappointment as well. Your not getting any more of my money RTW.

Your ideas are good; but sadly words do not make great entertainment nor "next generation social game platforms".

I think you will find your forums are full of "Refund!!" titles; mine being post number 21933 with a very similar title.

Scam artists.

Mark Harris
profile image
Just for giggles, Douglas. What are the issues with APB? I haven't played it.

Aaron Truehitt
profile image
Actually, RTW may do well with a simply social game in this regard. I mean in APB that gameplay was atrocious, however their customization was well done.

Douglas Rae
profile image
I completely agree the customization is amazing. But further than that... just no.

My comments were a little harsh... and reading through most of RTWs directors (his name escapes me) views and what his strategy was.. he only really wanted 200k subscribers; on a global market this isn't a massive ask.





-Gameplay not polished

-Basically a unreal engine 3 mod gone wrong and should have been released as free then charged for when they could justify it

-Oh and the director (once again his name escapes me) said he would never charge a subscription or anything for ongoing play... and immediately went back on it.

Good side


-The ideas are there... ish

I dont "hate" it.. but it is a game that I come quite close to completely loathing.

Would be interesting to see how many people played past their included hours.. or if they used them at all before uninstalling and feeling a bit sick for paying for it.

I feel sorry for the staff in RTW; they must be getting such a bunch of crap right now as well as feeling like rubbish coming in to work every day to face the bitching masses.

In the same vein; I hate that they made you agree to about 20x screens of T&Cs EULA's etc etc before actually being able to view the game. Which basically makes it impossible to get a refund, unless you bought through digital river.

I think its at a loss.. its not a patch and fix problem.. nor an expansion problem.. they dont need to fix a couple of issues...... It is the Windows Vista of mistakes that just needs to be put to one side to die.

Christian Rudolph
profile image
Kinda harsh review but unfortunately its true. Ok that a subscription is required was clear because you couldn't run a server farm without a monthly income, but saying that it doesn't require a monthly subscription to play the game wasn't fair at all if i would say what i think i would say it was a fraud.

Anyway back to MyWorld, its at least for me nothing that could attract me in any way. Sure it will get a bunch of subscribers but all in all it looks like google maps with a build in sketchup. Maybe my concerns about it come from my overall disagree with the whole socializing thing that happens in the last moths. I think the industry is currently on a wrong way, we try to involve everything and everyone into a social-game platform. Making money with social platforms seems to be the future but how far will it go? Do we soon need a facebook account to play certain games?

Wasin Thonkaew
profile image
I agree on Chritian in a way that saying how long it gonna takes for this kind of game to get going.

I have heard a lot from my folks which eager to create such social network game, it's great I know that, but from what I know they just switch from what they are good at into some what need to be proved in the long run.

If seeing a target market is great to invest to, then go and leave all the stuff taking you to what you are being at the moment, then what will happen ?

This could relate to the game creation as well. As the target may be only the number of subscription, so the percent for other parts in game polishing or procedure are getting reduce.

Anyway, would love to test on this kind of idea on MyWorld.