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October 26, 2014
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October 26, 2014
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Activision: Over 20 Million  Black Ops  Players Log More Than 600 Million Hours
Activision: Over 20 Million Black Ops Players Log More Than 600 Million Hours
December 28, 2010 | By Kyle Orland

December 28, 2010 | By Kyle Orland
More: Console/PC

Over 20 million Call of Duty: Black Ops players have logged more than 600 million man-hours with the game in the 45 days since its November 9 release, Activision has revealed.

The amount of play time, the equivalent of over 68,000 man-years spent with the game, amounts to an average of 87 minutes per day for each player through December 24, exceeding the average daily usage time for popular social network Facebook, as Activision points out.

For comparison, Microsoft's Halo Reach attracted over 50 million man-hours of play in its first week of availability in September, which would track to roughly 326 million man-hours if the rate continued over 45 days.

While Activision didn't reveal the precise number of online players for Black Ops, it did say that the number of registered users "exceeds the audience for the series finale of ABC's Lost" (which Nielsen places at 20.5 million people) and that those users "would be the third largest state in the U.S." (placing them behind Texas' roughly 25 million people).

NPD results for November showed the game selling 8.4 million copies in North America during its launch month.

The statistics announcement comes just a week after Activision revealed the game had garnered over $1 billion in sales.

"The $1 billion milestone is staggering, but it doesn't tell the whole story," said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing. "The true measure of Black Ops' success lies in the millions of hours that people are investing in this game and this community. Call of Duty has in many ways become one of the world's most engaged social networks."

"Media is evolving and today the social aspects of technology are more important to the overall entertainment experience than ever before," said Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard. "Call of Duty creates a shared sense of identify for its community and is as integral to their social lives as any other form of digital communication."

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dan m
profile image
Halo reach isn't an accurate comparison with it being an exclusive title, but that aside it still held its own ground being exclusive to the 360. These numbers for Call of Duty aren't for just the 360 as the game is obviously multi platform. So if Halo Reach where on the PS3 and PC as well then you may as well triple that 326 million (if you assume the same numbers or similar from the other platforms) and that would then put halo reach at over 900 million hours. So many different ways to look at it.

David Fisk
profile image
This is a great point. Either way, the numbers are absolutely staggering.

Hugh Bowen
profile image
thats 70,000 years

Kyle Orland
profile image
600 million hours is actually just over 68,000 years (68,493.15 years, to be more precise), as we noted in the second paragraph of the story. So........ yeah.

Juan Manuel Serruya
profile image
I'm shocked by this article, it just such a massive amount of time.

Thanks for the article.