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October 23, 2014
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October 23, 2014
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 Super Mario Galaxy 2  Sells 6.15M Worldwide,  Wii Sports  Series Passes 102M
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Sells 6.15M Worldwide, Wii Sports Series Passes 102M
January 28, 2011 | By Kyle Orland

January 28, 2011 | By Kyle Orland
More: Console/PC

Sales data accompanying Nintendo's recent investor briefing shows 18 Nintendo-published titles selling over one million units worldwide during the last nine months of 2010.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 was Nintendo's top-selling new release during that period, selling 6.15 million units worldwide, with the bulk coming outside of Japan. Wii Party and Donkey Kong Country Returns also showed strong worldwide sales of 5.07 million and 4.21 million copies for the year.

The "limited edition" Wii version of Super Mario All-Stars managed to sell 1.95 million units, split roughly evenly between Japan and the rest of the world, while Kirby's Epic Yarn joined the year's million-sellers with 1.38 million sales.

On the DS, Pokemon Black/White Version sold 5.26 million units in Japan alone, and new releases including Art Academy and Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem also sold over one million copies worldwide.

Nintendo's decision to publish both Professor Layton and the Unwound Future and Dragon Quest IX outside of Japan seems to have paid off, with both titles selling over one million copies even excluding Japanese sales.

As far as legacy titles, common Wii pack-ins Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort have now combined to sell over 102 million units worldwide, with over 22 million coming in the last three quarters of 2010.

Mario Kart Wii passed 20 million sales in 2010, with 2.8 million sales during the last nine months of the year, while Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver passed 11 million sales with 3.32 million in the period.

Meanwhile, New Super Mario Bros. Wii's lifetime sales of 21.28 million are now quickly approaching the original New Super Mario Bros.' sales of 26.21 million.

Wii Fit Plus rounds out the list of Nintendo's top-sellers with 5 million new sales during the period and nearly 18 million sales over its lifetime.

Including all publishers, over 150 million units of Wii software sold during the period, accompanying nearly 100 million units of Nintendo DS software.

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Prash Nelson-Smythe
profile image
The headline says it all if you look at it as a comparison....

If you include SMG1 sales you could say:

1. SMG series sells 15M, Wii Sports Series sells 102M.

2. Wii Sports series sells 6.8 times as much as SMG series.

Now if you knew how much all these games cost to develop you could come up with some percentage return-on-investment for each series, and I suspect the numbers would favour Wii Sports even further.

What sane company would continue pouring resources into 3D mario as opposed to using them to figure out what their next Wii Sports is going to be? SMG appears to exist to keep some Nintendo developers happy but you could argue it's dragging down the company.

You could perform a similar comparison with New Super Mario Bros DS and Wii vs the SMG series and 2D mario still whips 3D mario! Some people are saying that SMG is evergreen but it seems like the least evergreen Nintendo series. Isn't NSMBWii selling more than SMG and SMG2 combined right at this moment? It's still in the UK weekly charts at number 29. Again, it was probably cheaper to make too.

People cut SMG a lot of slack when talking about sales because it's every critic's favourite Nintendo game. But let's not delude ourselves. It has failed to surpass niche status by Mario or Nintendo standards.

On a personal level, I loved the first Galaxy and the second one was good but just didn't feel new or impressive. This may have partly been because I played NSMBWii to 100% completion in between and it was the first 2D mario I have played properly (I'm historically a PC gamer). After playing 2D mario it seemed to highlight how sluggish 3D mario controls felt.

Mark Venturelli
profile image
"SMG appears to exist to keep some Nintendo developers happy but you could argue it's dragging down the company"

Oh my god, I don't know if I would like to live in a world where selling FIFTEEN MILLION COPIES is "dragging".

Mike Siciliano
profile image
Except Super Mario Galaxy didn't sell 15 million copies.

Prash Nelson-Smythe
profile image
Mike, he was talking about the SMG series.

Mark, you're taking it all out of context. I'm sure you would love to be involved in such successful games. But you're not Nintendo. In a business sense 3D Mario is a drag on Nintendo's profitability compared to almost all of its other offerings. It looks expensive to make too. To be honest I think making SMG was fair enough but SMG2 was overkill, as it was bound to sell less.

If Nintendo have lost some of their lead over the competition in the past year it must be partly because of games like SMG2.


And it was part of their strategy for SMG2 to be a mainstream hit beyond SMG1. They *really* wanted it. UK and Japanese copies came bundled with an instructional DVD instructing us retards how to man up and play 3D mario (I'm in the UK) so hopefully we could stop buying 2D mario and embarassing Nintendo! It was heavily marketed for the broad Wii audience. So for Nintendo it was a flop.

Eric Cartman
profile image
I think it's fair to say that Wii Sports should not be including in these lists of "top sales". The thing comes with the Wii. The consumer doesn't have a choice of whether or not to buy it, it just comes with it. In my book, Wii Sports hasn't sold a single copy, it has just been given away 102 million times.

Brad Borne
profile image
Why? Do you think most gamers get Wii Sports because they have a Wii, or get a Wii because they want Wii Sports?

Mike Siciliano
profile image
Has nobody told Eric Cartman (nice name) that Wii Sports is not bundled with systems in Japan? You have to buy it separate.

Someone should really tell him that.

Eric Cartman
profile image
Ya, someone really should.

I was wrong.

Jonathan Escobedo
profile image
Super Mario Galaxy 2, while not my GOTY is incredibly awesome. It's the only game I got one hundred percent all the save files, and I loved every minute of it. As far as I'm concerned it's the 3D Mario equivalent of Super Mario World, which is to say that it's the best of the 3D Marios. As such, not really surprised it did well.

Jamie Mann
profile image
Those numbers are good when considered in terms of volume, but they do highlight an interesting trend: are Nintendo's IP as much of a draw as they used to be?

On the SNES, Super Mario World reached approx. 40% of the total userbase (20 million/50 million consoles)

On the Nintendo 64, Mario 64 reached approx. 33% of the total userbase (11 million/33 million consoles)

On the Gamecube, Super Mario Sunshine reached approx. 25% of the total userbase (6 million/21 million consoles)

On the Wii, Super Mario Galaxy has reached approx 10% of the total userbase (8 million/85 million consoles) - though New Super Mario Bros managed to reach 25% of the userbase (21 million)

Kevin Jones
profile image
How can you "sell" a game which is not for sale in the US or Europe (by far the biggest markets for the Wii), but is instead bundled for free with the Wii console?

If Microsoft were to rurn round today and claim that Kinect Adventures(wich is also bundled with Kinect and Kinect Bundled 360's) has sold close to 8 million units in just 60 days, the self-same Wiitards who are loudly crowing about the so-called "102 milion Wii Sports series" sales, will turn round and scream that .."but, but, Kinect Adventures is not for sales seperately", no?