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October 24, 2014
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October 24, 2014
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BioWare's Muzyka: Once You Play  The Old Republic  'You Just Can't Go Back'
BioWare's Muzyka: Once You Play The Old Republic 'You Just Can't Go Back'
May 19, 2011 | By Staff

May 19, 2011 | By Staff
More: Console/PC, Design

As part of an extensive Gamasutra feature interview with BioWare founders Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka, the pair discuss the inevitability of their MMO being compared to World of Warcraft and why it doesn't bother them.

When asked if he's bothered that Star Wars: The Old Republic is compared to WoW, Zeschuk tells Gamasutra, "No, I think it's inevitable. We're a pretty big developer that happens to be using the biggest license in the world."

World of Warcraft, he says, has "set consumer expectations" and "conventions of gameplay that have been experienced by millions."

"So, you know, you pay attention to those things, but while you're paying attention, you're doing your own thing," he tells Gamasutra. The Old Republic "is a very different experience."

He continues, "It's obviously a BioWare game... It's very, very compelling. I think it's different. I think WoW and all the other MMOs, they have the same sort of challenge... There are thousands and thousands of heroes. You don't really feel special. It's an amazing experience, and it's really rewarding and fun, but you just don't feel special. That's what we're trying to do."

Muzyka takes the contrast further. "The reaction that we've had, and a lot of people playing it have had... is that frankly once you've tried it, you just can't go back. You don't want to try other MMOs anymore. I think that's what imbuing the game with a sense of heroic purpose and identity achieves."

He's confident of the product's quality. "We've got the best-of-breed features from other MMOs, progression, exploration, customization, combat... Once you've tried it, there's no looking back. You really want to keep playing that new approach to MMOs, I think, is really refreshing."

The full feature, in which the two discuss much, much more about the present and future of BioWare, is live now on Gamasutra.

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Rodolfo Rosini
profile image
Agree, once you play it you can't go back to it since it's WoW in space.

Andrew Egelhofer
profile image
I'll definitely need to try the game before I render a final opinion about it. But from the gameplay videos on the games web site looks very... I don't know how to describe it... bla. Which from what Bioware says is oposite of my initial impression. Don't get me wrong though, I love Bioware, I love Star Wars, and I want it to be successful, but the videos just look like every other MMO.

Jolene Ziegler
profile image
I've been in beta for a while and the game really is great.

Benjamin Marchand
profile image
The gameplay feels really really great in the videos. There is a high amount of polishing only for gameplay, we can guess it just by watching it.

Erik Hieb
profile image
I'm personally sick of the traditional format and TOR looks like it's doing something about that. I really have liked what I've seen during boss battles where other enemies join in and one of the other characters goes off to deal with them rather and is capable of doing so. Also REALLY hate the whole "It takes an entire group to kill one normal enemy" crap. A boss, yeah, but even then I'd want adds to make it interesting. But normal enemies? That's not heroic at all. Being heroic is about being able to do things the average joe can't do, and the normal NPC enemies you're fighting are supposed to be stronger than the average joe, who they're pushing around and need YOU to save them.

Jason Chen
profile image
It is all talk now. We'll wait and see, if it is good it will last for long time like WoW, if not, it will end up like Warhammer. what is the point of arguing at this stage? None of us here is getting paid or paying EA, right?

(perhaps some of us here are EA stock holders)

R Hawley
profile image
I grew up with Star Wars but when I see Jedi in games now all I can think of is "midichlorians". Lightsabers used to be cool but now they are everywhere. I guess it doesn't matter too much but if you're USP is that it's Star Wars I think I'd be really cautious about it.

It's set a 3,500 years before the movies where the technology and clothes are the nearly the same. Like they wanted to make a game of the movies but had to set it in the past and for no real reason...oh never mind. It makes as much sense as the prequels I guess.

Maybe Bioware can save Star Wars.