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April 24, 2014
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Study: Average Worldwide Download Speed Is 580KBps
Study: Average Worldwide Download Speed Is 580KBps
September 22, 2011 | By Mike Rose

September 22, 2011 | By Mike Rose
More: Console/PC, Business/Marketing

A new game download speed study has found that the average worldwide download speed is approximately 580KBps, while the fastest average speed is over 2,000KBps.

The study, carried out by downloadable content delivery provider Pando Networks which delivers games, software and video, surveyed over 27 million downloads across 20 million computers in 224 different countries.

It found that South Korea has the fastest average download speeds in the world, with an average of 2,202KBps, following by Romania with 1,909KBps and Bulgaria with 1,611KBps.

The U.S. saw an average of 616KBps, compared to 647KBps for Germany, 348KBps for Australia and 245KBps in China.

Eight of the top ten fastest cities in the world are located in South Korea, with Andover, Massachusetts (2801KBps) and Bucharest, Romania (2,665KBps) joining them.

Robert Levitan, CEO of Pando Networks, said of the study, "The disparities we found were striking. While, in general, developed economies outpaced the developing world in average download speeds, big names such as the US, UK, France, China and Canada were not even close to being the fastest."

Pando had previously released figures for individual cities in particular countries, including the U.S. and the UK.

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Doug Poston
profile image
It always makes me sad to see that the US is so far behind other countries, especially given how big our influence is on the net.

Imagine the sort of innovation that would happen if the US had South Korea speeds.

Evan Combs
profile image
You also have to consider how big the US compared to most countries. We are the third largest country by land mass, and almost everyone has internet access. It is going to be difficult to get the highest speeds everywhere as quickly as smaller countries. If you go to certain areas you will see speeds that match South Korea, those areas also tend to have a similar population density. While other areas with less density tend to have much much slower internet.

E Zachary Knight
profile image
I never really understood this argument. If it is land area that is the biggest burden, why is it that the cities with the most population density do not have speeds on par with South Korea? You would think that NYC, LA, Houston, Seattle etc would have 100Mbps in every home, but they don't.

Bob Johnson
profile image
I don't trust this study. It is not measuring ISP speeds directly.

I think it is safe to say that some massive percentage of US households have access to Internet speeds above 10mbps.

Now whether they can afford it or want to pay for it are another matter.

Bernard Francois
profile image
Note that an average value might be heavily influenced by a relatively small number of very high or very low values.

There aren't a lot of assumtions you can safely make based on an average value.

A median value would probably be more useful, as this value would show the speed 50% of the users have access to.

As these numbers are deduced from individual downloads, they probably don't take into account the fact that some users may be downloading different files at the same time (or listening to online radio or watching a youtube video).

Also, these average values may be heavily influenced by the number of downloads that have been done in each city. Cities with a small amount of gathered data are more likely to result in a very high or low average value. The fact that Andover, Massachusetts is in the top 10 may be a result of this (there are only 33k inhabitants in this town).

Nevertheless, it's great to see that someone is sharing some data on this subject - otherwise impossible to measure for most of us.