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October 24, 2014
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October 24, 2014
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PS Vita Comes To America, Europe February 22
PS Vita Comes To America, Europe February 22
October 18, 2011 | By Frank Cifaldi

Sony's upcoming PS Vita handheld console finally has a firm release date in the Western markets.

Speaking at the Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco Tuesday, Sony Computer Entertainment of America president and CEO Jack Tretton formally announced that the system will be available February 22nd 2012 in North America, Latin America and Europe.

The two versions of the console -- one with Wi-Fi only and one with both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity -- will be priced at $249.99 and $299.99, respectively, in both Canada and the United States.

The launch price in Europe will be 249.99 and 299.99.

"PlayStation Vita will redefine traditional boundaries of gaming and blur the lines between entertainment and reality," said Tretton in a statement.

The console will make its global debut in Japan on December 17.

According to Sony, over 100 games are currently in production for the console.

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wes bogdan
profile image
That's great but even with games like uncharted on vita -i still question if i can even play it because i use my own custom layout which is southpaw based,inverted aim and i prefer toggle to hold when using a scope or other functions.

The main difference between industry southpaw and mine is you simply swap sticks and call it a day leaving critical face buttons on the wrong side of the unit whereas i've mapped the face buttons to the d-pad and the d-pad is the real face buttons. It'd be like swaping d-pad / face buttons but having the sticks in default,try that with resistance 1 or 2 and see how broken it makes default.


Do i need to send my vita to the person who modded my 360 pads or can i use it out of the box with my custom scheme in EVERY dual analog game...lbp,lego,gow i can play fine but throw me a 2nd analog stick and EVERYTHING on the face must swap the shoulders are fine just the face of the pad/handheld etc must swap....and no start / select don't need to change either just things that affect my gameplay.

Michael K
profile image
I wonder how many people want to carry two gaming devices with them.

Eric Geer
profile image
Hotels, Airplanes, Train rides, in bed, or when the TV is occupied--You don't have to carry two with you..I usually just focus on one when I'm away...but on extended trips I'll take both of mine--PSP-3DS.

Michael K
profile image
@Eric Geer

I was rather talking about a cellphone that you take anyway with you, you can play games like fifa, sims, nove(halo alike), asphalt(nfs alike) on those phones. taking another device to play is kind of redundant, you can just play with one at a time and like I said, you carry your phone with you anyway.

I wish they had focused on the psp-phone

@Anthony Taylor

sounds like a valid point, but then you are actually trading a console for your portable.

In a few years (I hope for 2012) smart phones will hopefully have wireless-hdmi and the top noch ones probably a performance alike psvita. cellphone+portable+console+mp3player+"mobile movie theater" in one device.

80%-90% will be overlapping features, exclusive games vs phoning will be the USP.

Eric Geer
profile image
@Michael. I don't have a smartphone and don't plan on getting one. I don't have a need to have all those things in one place..I only use my phone for calls and txting. I sit in front of a computer all day---I don't need internet and online access "on the go"--and prefer not having it on the go--i like to get away occassionally. So in this's not really duplicative/redundant.

Rey Samonte
profile image
I'm actually glad this will come after the holiday season! It gives me a little time to recoup from the holiday spending and I can buy something that's fairly expensive and not feel guilty about putting myself first during the holidays. LOL!