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October 30, 2014
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October 30, 2014
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Epic's  Fortnite  Is An Artistic Departure From  Gears of War
Epic's Fortnite Is An Artistic Departure From Gears of War
December 11, 2011 | By Frank Cifaldi

Gears of War developer Epic Games might have a reputation for highly detailed graphics based in realism, but its latest title shows the studio is capable of dramatically divergent art direction.

Called Fortnite, the title is being teased in a new trailer released by the company on Saturday. The characters in the teaser are rendered in a style much more minimalistic and stylized than Epic's traditional photo-realistic depictions of humans, and could be described as cartoon-like.

The trailer appears to show a game involving humans building strongholds out of garbage and various pieces of found material in order to defend themselves from inhuman creatures (such as the one pictured here) who come out at night.

The company has not formally announced any further details about the title, including its target platforms.

Epic's latest, shooter Gears of War 3, is one of the holiday season's premiere action-adventure titles currently commanding retail shelf space for Microsoft's Xbox 360. The game was released in September to critical acclaim and week-one sales in the neighborhood of 3 million.

Epic also develops and supports the popular Unreal Engine 3 game engine.

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Freek Hoekstra
profile image
the game is very much like something I had in my head for a long time already :D

great to see epic make this game for real and dare to go away from the typical blockbuster shooter with ultra realistic brown grey graphics.

Jane Castle
profile image
Someone's bound to say it so it might as well be me: MineCraft anyone?

Amir Sharar
profile image
It seems a lot more like the HL2 mod, SourceForts.

The artstyle screams Monday Night Combat and Team Fortress 2, to me.

Not to discount Epic's efforts, I expect a solid, fun title here. If anything it points out that it is harder and harder to be unique these days with the number of projects out there.

Rasmus Gunnarsson
profile image
tf2 + l4d + minecraft

woop woop.

Mark Venturelli
profile image
"Epic's traditional photo-realistic depictions of humans". I mean, really?

Kale Menges
profile image
Was thinking the exact same thing...

B Reg
profile image
Refreshing! Good to see Epic is taking another direction. I wish more AAA devs/pubs hat the guts.

Terry Matthes
profile image
If more of them were privately owned maybe they could.

Dave Long
profile image
Looks like it could be good fun - concepts are definitely very sound, and Epic are pretty good at execution. It doesn't sound like a huge-hours title to make, could be a 'fill-in' title for this gen, before they try putting something together for the launch of the next consoles.

Vanessa Reynolds
profile image
I hardly think that Gears of War 3 had "realism". That being said, I do think this game has potential to be fun. Seems pretty original. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Roger Klado
profile image
I think that heavily detailed comic book style of realism is generally referred to as Hypereal ( or I suppose in Epic's case u could call it "Unreal" )

B Reg
profile image
I think the first realistic videogame is yet to be released.

Maurício Gomes
profile image
Now that you are stopping with the "realistic" shooter crap, can you start again make the games that I did actually liked, like... Jazz Jackrabbit? I want a Jazz Jackrabbit 3, in 2D! (or "2.5D" at most)

Or... Tyrian! (that can be in 3D...)

Or... ZZT even? ZZT was a awesome adventure engine, we need more of that!

I will launch a new campaign: Stop making FPS! We have enough of those already.

Luis Guimaraes
profile image

Ian Williams
profile image
Speaking of zombie games, when will they release a zombies ate my neighbors 3d? Like, with four-player coop?