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April 17, 2014
Cutting Room Critique #3: Top Indie Game Trailers of Mar-April 2014
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April 17, 2014
Turbine Inc.
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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.]

Irvine, Calif., December 04, 2013—The hit free-to-play action MMORPG Elsword, invites players on a completely new hell-raising experience as the popular Event Dungeon, Gate of Darkness, receives a total overhaul.  Created as a portal to Elrios, it's up to Elsword’s team to thwart the denizens of the darkest realms from entering Elrios.  It’s now up to players to close the Gate of Darkness by attacking the gate itself in an all-out epic battle.

Groups of dungeon crawlers will be randomly selected to enter the mysterious Gate of Darkness once a boss monster is slain; it’s then that evil will pour from the Gate of Darkness to attack and enter Elrios through a Dimension Portal that must be protected at all costs.  However, this feat can not be done alone! If a party has less than four members, a special group of heroes will also join the fight.


How will players take on an army from hell . by fighting back with an army of their own!  Strategically summon monsters of different types to battle the demons with varying offense and defense characteristics, and no infernal assault on Elrios is complete without a fiendish overlord of unimaginable power.  Will our heroes be vanquished when the ultimate evil steps through the Gate, or will Elrios summon a champion of her own to help our heroes?  Victors will be rewarded handsomely with amazing Gate of Darkness prizes including new armor, new weapons and more. 

In addition, Elsword will also be available on the popular Aeria Games Ignite platform starting December 4 th, so Ignite players will find exploring Elsword easier than ever.

To play  Elsword for free please visit and keep watching the official Facebook page  here.  For more  Elsword information and assets please visit our press kit  here.

In  Elsword, gamers can choose from six specialized and customizable characters as they explore an immersive world and battle rivals to complete dynamic quests. As players progress through the game, they can evolve their fighting styles by upgrading to new job classes, learning deadly new abilities and mastering combo attacks. With intuitive and straightforward controls,  Elsword offers players of all skill levels the ability to experience the thrill of victory in combat either on solo missions or cooperatively in a party of up to four players. For those who welcome a challenge,  Elsword also delivers action-packed PvP combat.


About Kill3rCombo

Based in Orange County, California, Kill3rCombo is a division of KOG with a mission to deliver multiplayer online action games. KOG is a leading game developer located in Daegu, South Korea, and the creator of popular titles including Grand Chase and Fighters Club. Kill3rCombo, which was founded in 2010, combines the team's extensive game publishing experience with the development expertise of KOG to inElsword troduce gamers to Elsword, a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game.

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