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July 23, 2019
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  Miyamoto remembers the late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata in new book
image Mario and Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto has opened up about his relationship with late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata in a new book called 'Iwata-san,' and it makes for emotional reading.
  Supercell discontinues games in Vietnam due to 'regulatory issues'
image Clash of Clans maker Supercell has pulled out of Vietnam indefinitely due to "local regulatory issues."
  Tencent makes 'substantial investment' in retro streaming service Antstream
image Chinese tech and game company Tencent has made a "substantial investment" in retro streaming platform, Antstream Arcade.
  A Bloodstained Q&A with Koji 'Iga' Igarashi
image Legendary game developer Koji "Iga" Igarashi of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night fame answers our questions about the making of his latest game, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.
6 Don't Miss: Deconstructing the success of The Witcher 3's open world
image An analysis of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's open world, and why it is so successful at creating a convincing and consistent setting.
  NetEase opens R&D studio in Montreal
image According to local agencies, this makes NetEase the first major Chinese game company to set up a studio in the city.
  Get a job: Join DMG Entertainment as a Game Engineer
image The Game Engineer must enjoy a collaborative and creative work environment and is looking to push the boundaries of cutting-edge 3D graphics.
  Video: An actor's advice on getting great mocap performances in games
image In this 2017 GDC talk, actor Andrew Ray shares techniques developed over time to improve motion capture performances for video games.
  Nintendo facing class action suit over drifting Switch controllers
image Persistent issues with the Nintendo Switch's detachable Joy-Con controllers have led a US resident to file a lawsuit against the company.
  Girls' Game Lab launches to host game development workshops for young girls
image Girls' Game Lab aims to give girls aged 8-12 access to workshops that introduce them to both coding and game design, and offer guidance to those that someday hope to have a job in the game industry.
  Microsoft invests $1 billion in OpenAI
image Microsoft and OpenAI have partnered up for future technologies, a partnership that builds on the former's recent $1 billion investment into OpenAI.
  Ubisoft pledges support to open source 3D creation tool Blender
image Ubisoft has followed Epic Games in supporting open source 3D creation tool Blender by joining the Blender Foundation's development fund as a corporate Gold member.
1 Blog: Designing sounds and music for a casual mobile game
image Sounds and music are one of the most important parts of the game atmosphere -- as equally important as visuals. Here's how you can put them to use on mobile.
1 Tencent and The Pokemon Company are making games together
image Tencent and The Pokemon Company have formed something of a power couple after agreeing to make games together.
1 Microsoft is 'well positioned' to succeed in larger game market, claims CEO
image Microsoft chief exec Satya Nadella claims the company is already "well positioned" to succeed in what's going to be a much larger gaming market.
  Blog: A NASA historian considers Kerbal Space Program
image To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, Bob Whitaker talks with Dr. Roger Launius about Kerbal Space Program.
1 Tekken 7 has crossed 4 million sales worldwide
image Tekken 7 has now sold over 4 million copies worldwide, according to a tweet from developer Capcom. 
3 5 tips for surviving and thriving in game design
image This excerpt of "We Deserve Better Villains: A Video Game Design Survival Guide" by Jai Kristjan offers up 5 detailed pieces of advice for how to effectively manage your game design career!
  Video Game Deep Cuts: In The Sky, The Dungeon Master Reigns
image This week's roundup includes a look at Thatgamecompany's Sky, the rise of the professional dungeon master, and the far-ahead tech of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter on N64, & lots more.
2 After 28 years, cofounder Frank Pearce is leaving Blizzard
image Blizzard Entertainment published a blog post today in which company cofounder Frank Pearce lays out his plan to leave the company after 28 years and "pass the torch to the next generation."
1 Don't Miss: Crafting the oppressive soundscape of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
image A composer & sound designer on Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus takes us on a deep dive into how he used the sound sculptures at the Baschet workshop to create a unique, oppressive soundscape.
  Get a job: Sony PlayStation, Tequila Works, and more are hiring now!
image Here are just some of the many, many positions being advertised right now on the Gamasutra Job Board!
  Video: A postmortem of Tacoma's experimental VO production
image In this 2017 GDC session, Brightskull's Michael Csurics reveals the extensive, experimental lengths taken to create the voiceover performances in Fullbright's award-winning narrative game Tacoma
  A look at The Sims 1 design docs, and a dev's argument for including same-sex romance
image The Sims programmer Don Hopkins has uploaded a smattering of design documents from the development of the influential life simulation game.
1 Tools to manage Stadia's data usage are in the works, says Google
image Andrey Doronichev, Google’s Director of Product for Stadia, addressed some of the public's concerns in a recent AMA on the upcoming cloud-based game platform.

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  Understanding the Success of Fortnite: A UX & Psychology Perspective
by Celia Hodent
As the former Director of User Experience (UX) at Epic Games, where I worked on Fortnite from 2013...
  Kliuless #41: Diversity Training
by Kenneth Liu
Hi, my name is Kenny Liu, and each week I compile a gaming industry insights newsletter that I...
  Video Game Deep Cuts: In The Sky, The Dungeon Master Reigns
by Simon Carless
This week's roundup includes a look at Thatgamecompany's Sky, the rise of the professional dungeon...
1 How to Make a Casual Mobile Game - Designing Sounds and Music
by Pavel Shylenok
Sounds and music are one of the most important parts of the game atmosphere - as equally important...
  NASA Historian considers Kerbal Space Program
by Bob Whitaker
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, Bob Whitaker talks with Dr. Roger...

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arrowPress Releases
A Producer's First Steps
image Nick Guilliams highlights the essential qualities of an effective producer, drawing on his personal experiences in team management and coordination.
One Year Of Game Dev After Graduation
image Buttery Games lead designer Craig Robinson reflects on his first year of game development after graduation, highlighting the challenges that his team faced at the outset.
A Guide To DIY Market Research For Indie Developers
image Damien Yoccoz explains how you can use free resources to find your target audience and make your game more appealing to players through market research.
Exis, LLC
Exis, LLC XCOM, CIV, Bioshock Infinite, World of Tanks, the list goes on.Top publishers and defense contractors count on Exis to deliver their assets. Why not join them, and get the best art possible for your projects?
Art Bully Productions LLC
Art Bully Productions LLC Art Bully Productions was founded in 2008 by 3d art professionals who have years of experience in the video game industry. We pride ourselves on delivering AAA quality work at very competitive rates to developers of all sizes.
Twisted Hand Studio.,Ltd
Twisted Hand Studio.,Ltd We are a 40-people game art production studio based in China, we've been serving the global game dev industry for more than 10 years, providing 2D Concepts, Illustrations, UI graphics, 3D Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation (Key-frame & Spine).
Streamline Studios
Streamline Studios Streamline specializes in tech art and creative execution for video games through its integrated 2D, 3D and Animation services.
STUDIO ANC - Animation & More
STUDIO ANC - Animation & More Game art provider, focus on character animation, let's "animate your game" :-)

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