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September 30, 2020
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10 Tips: Getting the Most from Motion and Performance Capture 5
by Tristan Donovan [07.04.12]
What makes the difference between a successful motion capture shoot and a mountain of useless data? What techniques allow you to get the most out of your actors? This article offers 10 tips from Bungie, Rebellion, and more.

Postmortem: Crocodile Entertainment's Zack Zero 9
by Alberto Moreno, Carlos Abril [07.03.12]
What happens when an indie team's ambition spirals out of control but the game doesn't connect with an audience at the end of the project? In this candid postmortem, two developers who started with a small idea that grew and grew share their experiences.
Design, Postmortem, Production

The Indie Reality in 2012 and Beyond, According to Arkedo 5
by Christian Nutt [07.02.12]
In this wide-ranging interview, Arkedo co-founder Camille Guermonprez discusses his take on the industry as he embarks on the formation of his own indie publisher Nice Guys and works with Sega on the publication of downloadable title Hell Yeah!
Business/Marketing, Interview, Indie

How Sleeping Dogs Tackles Open World Design 8
by Christian Nutt [06.29.12]
The senior creative team at United Front games explains how it hopes to shake up the open world genre with Sleeping Dogs, a Hong Kong cinema-inflected take on the formula which has an emphasis on storytelling and combat as well as exploration.
Design, Interview

Building a Better Zombie 13
by Christopher W. Totten [06.28.12]
In this article, Westwood College game design professor Christopher Totten takes a look at how zombies arose in popular culture, how they're used in other media, and explores how they have been used in games -- and how they could be deployed even more effectively.

Congratulations, Your First Indie Game is a Flop 75
by Matej Jan [06.27.12]
An indie developer reflects on how he spent too much time and effort trying to make a failure into a success, sharing his experiences about going from iOS to PC and Mac, and why being first out of the gate doesn't substitute for having a truly compelling game.
Business/Marketing, Design, Indie, Smartphone/Tablet

Chrono Trigger's Design Secrets 27
by Victoria Earl [06.26.12]
An analysis of the gameplay of the seminal RPG, which explores exactly how its structure and gameplay design weave together to offer unprecedented freedom for the genre and exceptional player satisfaction.

Charging at the Challenges of Kinect 7
by Christian Nutt [06.25.12]
In this interview, Rare engineer David Quinn (Kinect Sports 1 and 2) discusses how the team has solved the issues that they've faced when developing for Microsoft's motion-sensing peripheral -- including approaches using skeleton tracking, speech, depth sensing, and more.
Design, Interview

How Do You Put the Sim in SimCity? 33
by Christian Nutt [06.22.12]
SimCity creative director Ocean Quigley talks to Gamasutra about how the team at Maxis brings forth satisfying decisions for players and also accurately reflect the ways in which these systems interact in the real world.
Design, Interview

When Violence Meets Honor in History and Games 27
by Christoph Kaindel [06.21.12]
Consultant Christoph Kaindel takes a look at the real reasons and methods behind fights in history, offering up a few ideas for how everyday life in a late medieval city might be taken as inspiration for building believable game worlds for RPGs or sandbox-style action adventures.