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October 20, 2021
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Middleware Postmortem: IDV Inc's SpeedTreeRT 1
by Kevin Meredith [09.17.04]
In a Gamasutra-exclusive postmortem, Kevin Meredith looks at his company IDV's SpeedTreeRT middleware foliage engine, as integrated into games from NCSoft, Big Huge Games, Mythic and others, discussing the ups and downs of creating leaves and fronds.
Postmortem, Art

Postmortem: The Game Design of Surreal's The Suffering  
by Richard Rouse III [06.09.04]
In the first Postmortem from the redesigned Game Developer magazine, we have Richard Rouse III dissect The Suffering from just one perspective--the design and implementation thereof.
Design, Postmortem, Game Developer Magazine

Game Development Salary Survey 2003  
by jennifer olsen [02.10.04]
This year's salary survey is based upon almost 3000 responses from readers of Game Developer magazine, Gamasutra, and attendees of the Game Developers Conference. Once again, programmers reigned supreme in the cash derby.
Audio, Business/Marketing, Design, Postmortem, Programming, Production, Art, Game Developer Magazine, Salary Surveys

Postmortem: Disney Online's Toontown 2
by Mike Goslin [01.28.04]
Disney faced several challenges with Toontown--it was Disney's first MMORPG, it had to be safe while still being fun for the kids, and it had to work over even a 28.8K modem connection. Mike Goslin's team used some interesting--and unconventional--techniques to deal with these requirements.

Postmortem: Eutechnyx' Big Mutha Truckers  
by Paul Jobling [12.24.03]
When UK-based Eutechnyx decided to develop a free-roaming truck driving game several years ago for their first next-gen console title, they learned that like their game's design, it's not the destination -- it's the journey.
Design, Postmortem, Programming, Production

Postmortem: Oceanus Communications' Legacy Online  
by Marco Cultrera, Hipolito Iroel Perez [09.15.03]
Legacy Online is one of the first MMOGs to involve elements of city building and strategy. What makes this game's story interesting is that it was created by students from a decidedly uncapitalistic country: Cuba. Here's the saga of a MMOG that went from Cuba to Canada, through two publishers, and a name change to emerge as a marquee title for

Postmortem: Monolith's TRON 2.0  
by Frank Rooke [09.10.03]
The computer graphics in the original TRON movie were simplistic but effective in creating a world of digital wonder found inside a CPU. Find out how Monolith updated a classic with today's updated processing power and graphics, providing new thrills while keeping the world of TRON intact.

The Tools Development of Turbine's Asheron’s Call 2  
by Paul Frost [08.20.03]
During development of the original Asheron’s Call, Turbine created tools as needed, sometimes until late in the process. When development on its sequel, AC2, began, the team made an effort to be more tools-aware while developing the next-generation engine. Here's the story of their tool development process, and its results.
Postmortem, Programming, Tools Postmortem

Managing An International Remote Development Team 3
by Max Meltzer [07.15.03]
There are inherent difficulties in managing a team that's thousands of miles and a half-dozen time zones away. For starters, you might not speak the same language, and you're starting your day as the remote team is watching the sun set. Given these difficulties and myriad other organizational challenges that inevitably crop up, it's a wonder that a production could bear the strain. But many games have been made this way, and the dispersal of game development talent around the globe means it will only become more prevalent. Here's are battle-tested strategies for managing foreign teams that will make the process proceed more smoothly.
Postmortem, Production, Resource Guide

Postmortem: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 2
by Wu Dong Hao [07.14.03]
When Splinter Cell had to be ported from the Xbox to the Playstation 2, Ubi Soft threw everything at the project to it out by the end of its fiscal year. The project brought developers from Ubi Soft's studios in France and Italy to its studio in Shanghai, China, where the project was underway. This provided unique challenges for the producer, who had to overcome team cultural and communication problems, scheduling challenges, asset management issues, and organizational hurdles that arose when the team grew into the largest in the company's history.
Postmortem, Production, Resource Guide