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September 25, 2016
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September 25, 2016
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Posted by Jeff Vogel on 09/23/16 09:31:00 am in Design, Programming, Serious, Indie
My advice for young people who want to become creators of video games (or any other craft, really), based on my 20+ years in the wilderness of the industry. It is advice in a blog post and therefore to be considered dubious until proven otherwise.

Posted by Bryant Francis on 09/23/16 09:30:00 am in Design, Console/PC
Christopher Kline was almost able to join us last week for our Twitch stream of BioShock, but couldn't quite make it due to a scheduling conflict. He was kind enough to share a few memories of his work on the game.

Posted by Jason Bakker on 09/23/16 09:30:00 am in Design
Our team is creating a game that is best defined as a real-time story. In this post I cover what a real-time story is, talk about our main influences - The Last Express and Sleep No More - and discuss the design constraints we've chosen for the game.

Posted by Stanislav Costiuc on 09/22/16 09:57:00 am in Design, Console/PC, Indie, Smartphone/Tablet
In this post I examine the mobile-to-console port of Badland.

Can taste be learned and acquired? I think you can and should learn to discern your own sense of taste, if you want to make compelling media.

Posted by Winifred Phillips on 09/19/16 10:59:00 am in Audio, VR
This article by video game music composer Winifred Phillips explores the technology of audio headphones built specifically for virtual reality. Topics include galvanic vestibular stimulation, VR motion sickness issues and ergonomic design considerations.

Posted by Marcus Bäumer on 09/23/16 09:32:00 am in Programming, Art, Console/PC, Indie, Smartphone/Tablet
We give some insights into how we get a finished drawing of a scene into our the game engine of Unforeseen Incidents.

Posted by Adam Wu on 09/23/16 09:30:00 am in Business/Marketing, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet
Since most millennials have more than two mobile devices on hand, their worlds are well inside the smaller screens. Mobile eSports is going to be their basic need, not only entertainment.

Posted by Matthew McCaffrey on 09/23/16 09:29:00 am in Business/Marketing, Serious
In the last few years, there has been an explosion of interest in the economics of the video game industry, and especially in the digital economies that emerge within games.

Posted by Matthew McCaffrey on 09/23/16 09:28:00 am in Business/Marketing, Design, Production, Serious
It wasn’t so long ago that the idea of an “in-game economy” was little more than a hopeful metaphor, but today, many games feature intricate and evolving marketplaces.

An introduction to game security and the mind of hackers to help you reduce the risks of being a target.

Posted by Marc Marfa on 09/23/16 09:27:00 am in Audio, Design, Programming, Production, Art, Indie
August is a complex month, half of the country stops, part of the team took a break, but Rest in Jelly’s development continued. From aesthetics enhancements to new features for the new worlds of the game.