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April 28, 2015
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Posted by Martin Annander on 04/28/15 02:44:00 pm in Production, Console/PC, Indie
Nine things you should actively work to avoid, if you set out to run your own game studio.

Posted by Lars Doucet on 04/28/15 02:44:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Design, Production, Console/PC, Indie
Donations won't work, mods are cool, let's figure this out.

All it may take to get people to spend money in free to play games is one well placed countdown timer.

Posted by John Harris on 04/27/15 12:33:00 pm in Design, Console/PC, Indie
The least copied aspect of Rogue is its ingenious item identification system. The system's origins in 1E AD&D. An example of the system in play. What it does well, and the pitfalls in implementing something like it. Closing notes.

Posted by Yoann Pignole on 04/27/15 12:32:00 pm in Design, Programming, Console/PC, Indie
On this third episode of the "hobbyst coder", I would like to share my approach to 2d platformer pathfinding. In this first part, we'll be talking about the navigation mesh generation...

Posted by Thomas Bidaux on 04/27/15 12:28:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Console/PC, Indie
In an attempt to go further with the media monitor analysis, I will change the rhythm to a quarterly review schedule, in addition to Special Editions whenever a major event has occurred like the latest GDC one.

Posted by James Moak on 04/28/15 02:44:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Design, Serious
User Generated Content has been around since pc gaming itself, but now the culmination of the concept built around a platform is about to bring exponential happiness and value.(JAN 31, 2014)

Exploring the connections between leadership, communication, ego, perspective, and well being. The last part of my four-part postmortem series on Terrachanics.

The recent Steam Workshop change has spurred a huge debate among modders and content creators and today's post examines why the idea is sound, but the implementation is lacking.

Posted by Albert Palka on 04/28/15 02:44:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Serious, Indie
Not everybody has the money to market their game. Still, everyone has to do it. The question is "how?" Doing Things That Don't Scale might be the answer you're looking for.

Posted by Dwayne Douglass on 04/28/15 02:44:00 pm in Indie
Why I believe giving mod makers the ability to sell their work is healthy for the mod community in the long run.

Posted by Tom Kail on 04/28/15 02:44:00 pm in Design, Console/PC
This article breaks down what the designers of Mario Kart 8 gained from the inclusion of the coin, and why not explaining its effects to players doesn't detract from its effects.