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April 18, 2015
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I wanted to use the idea of gradually advancing, uh, harbingers for virtual reality, now that I've tried four or five VR systems with games, movies, and apps. Which will win - and which needs to?

Posted by Christian Nutt on 04/17/15 07:48:00 pm in Design, Art, Console/PC
On Towerfall Ascension's diverse but mechanically indistinguishable roster, and why player choice matters.

Posted by Raph Koster on 04/17/15 02:06:00 pm in Design, Console/PC, Social/Online
Star Wars Galaxies has been controversial for years thanks to a series of design decisions made both before and after launch. Among these was how Jedis were handled. Here's the design postmortem!

How to manage risk as a sustainable indie game company.

Posted by Mary Min on 04/14/15 01:43:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Programming, Smartphone/Tablet
Many Western game developers assume that app piracy is an “only in Asia” problem, but mobile game development is a global business, and what happens in one region impacts other markets too. Game dev veteran Mary Min explains how with numerous examples.

Posted by Mike Sellers on 04/13/15 12:08:00 pm in Design, Programming, Production
Everyone who uses a Daily Scrum or Standup meeting knows the three big questions everyone answers in each meeting. I've found that adding a fourth is extremely valuable and helps avoid a lot of pain later on.

Posted by Wes Platt on 04/17/15 02:06:00 pm in Design, Console/PC, Indie
In designing Knee Deep for Prologue Games, I wanted to focus less on puzzles and pixel hunts, more on letting players shape their character narratives.

Posted by Patrick Corrieri on 04/17/15 02:06:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Production, Console/PC, Indie
We'll be looking at our experience with Greenlight, the choices we made that we think worked, statistic and numbers throughout the campaign and of course taking any questions you might have.

Posted by Vegard Myklebust on 04/17/15 02:06:00 pm in Programming, Console/PC, Indie
Fixing missing script references for Unity.

Posted by Moira Katson on 04/17/15 01:48:00 pm in Production, Indie
Writing plots, character arcs, and more in an interactive medium - a novelist dives into the world of video game writing.

Posted by Guillermo Crespi on 04/17/15 01:48:00 pm in Design, Production, Serious, Smartphone/Tablet
HeavyBoat is a game development company from Argentina. This is the story behind "Grudgeball", one of our latest collaborations with Cartoon Network, and how the business risks HeavyBoat took during that year made it our most difficult period to date.

Posted by philipp zupke on 04/17/15 01:48:00 pm in Design, Social/Online
A closer look at how the balancing of the economy in Sim City BuildIt affects the player progression.