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March 23, 2017
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Posted by Timothy Ryan on 03/23/17 06:15:00 pm in Production
It should be no surprise that at a game studio, that some of the production processes, reports and cultural rules become games unto themselves.

Posted by Thomas Grip on 03/23/17 06:14:00 pm in Design
How do you keep the player focused during times of traversal, and avoid turning your game into a walking simulator? This new blog post discusses traversal as more than simply "empty travel time".

Brief overview of the GDC 2017 UX summit sessions.

Posted by Urbain Bruno on 03/23/17 05:51:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Design, Production, Art, Indie
A bit of a post-mortem, a bit of marketing article, a bit of art. We were lost but ultimately found our way, it was the best of time, it was the worst of time. A retrospective of the development of our typing adventure game Epistory.

Posted by Nick Halme on 03/22/17 11:05:00 am in Design, Production, Serious
Is it possible to respect developers while disliking some aspect of their work? Is criticism tantamount to disrespect? Why are we all so on edge after the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda?

Posted by Winifred Phillips on 03/22/17 10:59:00 am in Audio, Design, Console/PC
The 2nd of a 5-part series. Video game composer Winifred Phillips shares strategies from her GDC 2017 talk, Homefront to God of War: Using Music to Build Suspense. Part 2: Jarring Jolts, with discussion of jump scares, bumpers & whooshes.

Posted by Jason Yu on 03/23/17 06:17:00 pm in Audio, Console/PC
The music of the 8 dungeons in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is the subject of this Deconstructing article, where we'll take a look in detail at a work of music and break it down into its disparate parts.

James Ovenden, the Senior Editor for Innovation Enterprise, interviewed NYC Business Analyst Cindy Mallory in anticipation of her VR talk at the 2017 Game Analytics Summit in San Fransico. Cindy discusses coopetition, gender, analytics, culture, and V

Last week, David O'Reilly released the trailer for his game, Everything. True to the title, the trailer tries to encapsulate all that the game has to offer in a single stretch — that's ten minutes long. Something about this works...

Posted by Soma Szarka on 03/23/17 06:13:00 pm in VR
Ever wondered how the VR industry is doing?

Posted by Ben Sim on 03/23/17 06:12:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Serious
To some gamers and developers, it appears as if the 2D gaming market is dying. But is it really in its final stages? Understanding the gaming market today, in general, will basically give us the answer.

Posted by Karan Gaikwad on 03/23/17 06:08:00 pm in Design
How to put in a process for Pre-Production of games using the Book of Lenses (Jesse Schell) ? #GameDevelopment