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October 10, 2015
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October 10, 2015
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Posted by Michail Katkoff on 10/09/15 12:58:00 pm in Design, Production
Crucial steps to being a successful game studio. From valuing software over presentations and showing respect for your player base, these are seven important elements teams – both large and small – should keep in mind.

Posted by Jesse Attard on 10/08/15 01:39:00 pm in Programming
Jesse's back with the second of a series of articles featuring an in-depth discussion of programming principles, with a focus on how they apply in Video Game programming. The topic this time is a very important principle - "Ya Ain't Gonna Need It"

This question is often asked at the beginning of a new game project, and the decision has profound effects on its whole life cycle and possibly even on its follow up projects. Here’s how and why we have chosen to answer this question over the last decade.

Posted by Adam Saltsman on 10/07/15 12:16:00 pm in Indie
It seems like half the indie devs I know are having babies for the first time either basically right now or in the very near future. This is the "advice" I usually give based on our experience.

Posted by Coray Seifert on 10/07/15 12:16:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Production
How you hire, fire, and build your team will define your success as a leader, so you better be good at it...or you won't be a leader for long.

A look into the media coverage of some of the key video game events.

Posted by Vincent Beauzee on 10/09/15 12:58:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Indie
Ballistic Frogs' thoughts about indie games pricing, sales and bundles.

Posted by Michael Levall on 10/09/15 12:58:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Production
A guide to controversy for AAA publishers, written by an indie developer. Use it to gauge the increase in media awareness and sales your game would get if using any of the points outlined in the guide! This may or may not be satire.

Posted by Echo Zeng on 10/09/15 12:58:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Smartphone/Tablet
Many western developers have been trying to get into Chinese mobile games market but few have succeeded. It’s a tough market but too big to ignore. This post is the first in an ongoing series in which we focus on Chinese mobile games market in terms of ap

On the 11th and 12th of September a small indie development company was featured on the front page of Reddit in form of a r/iAMA post. The following data shows how the front page post affected the sales of a sci-fi strategy game.

Posted by Vegard Myklebust on 10/09/15 12:57:00 pm in Audio, Console/PC, Indie
In this blogpost our composer talks about what it was like to compose the music for our game in production.

Posted by Thomas Brush on 10/09/15 12:57:00 pm in Design, Programming, Production, Art, Console/PC, Indie
You won’t finish your game. No, really. You probably won’t. Just give up now because you are wasting your time. Or do this instead: imagine the payoff of actually finishing it.