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September 1, 2015
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September 1, 2015
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Posted by Jobye Karmaker on 09/01/15 01:35:00 pm in Design, Production, Art, Console/PC
Through the development of Splinter Cell: Blacklist & Far Cry 4, I realized I've developed some personal Guiding Art Principles that inform my day to day decision-making whether I'm tackling props or full environments. Thought it'd be worth sharing!

Product Positioning is one of the most important aspects of games marketing to a prospective audience, here this blog post looks at the importance of positioning in a busy marketplace and defining your products feature strengths against competitors.

Posted by Alex Fleetwood on 09/01/15 01:35:00 pm in Design, Production, Indie
It's increasingly important to create games that stand out with original mechanics and features. Designer and studio director Alex Fleetwood describes "This We Believe" - a design tool that he's used for the last five years to do just that.

Posted by Warren Spector on 08/31/15 01:07:00 pm in Design, Console/PC
A recent David Brooks column in The New York Times dealt with the unknowability of the consequences of choices. Clearly Brooks didn't know there's a medium out there (games, obviously) that let's you make choices and experience consequences for yourself.

Posted by Geoff Ellenor on 08/31/15 01:07:00 pm in Design, Console/PC
Time management vs AAA level design problems, and why Ninjas might be my solution.

Posted by Matt Matthews on 08/31/15 01:07:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Console/PC
Let me tell you about the hidden 34 percent decline in GameStop's new software business, how it's affecting used software sales, and how the company will survive nonetheless.

A dive into what makes Trading Card Games social, and a discussion of how Blizzard's game Hearthstone misses out on all points.

Posted by Andreas Zecher on 09/01/15 01:36:00 pm in Programming, Art, Indie
We often hear two things from people who see Future Unfolding for the first time: 1) They are surprised that weíre not using Unity. 2) They canít figure out how we created the look of the game. These two things are directly related to each other.

First week experiences of a freeware horror game on Steam. Some mistakes were made, don't repeat them!

Posted by Dave Beck on 09/01/15 01:35:00 pm in Design, Art, Console/PC, Serious, Indie
An indie dev discovers that the supporting background foliage can be just as important - both aesthetically and historically - as the bigger "characters" like trees and cliffs.

Posted by Jord Farrell on 09/01/15 01:35:00 pm in Design, Production, Serious, Indie
Things are changing so fast that itís hard to tell if Iím on a good path or doing nothing at all. There are a few people who talk about their journey towards making better games as an indie dev. So thats what Iím here to try to do.

Posted by Nick Stavrou on 09/01/15 01:35:00 pm in Indie, Social/Online
Indie Bandidos, Kanye West remake speech regarding Notch and his Tweets.