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October 20, 2014
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October 20, 2014
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Posted by bruce wilcox on 10/20/14 02:36:00 pm in Programming
Given the upcoming 2014 Loebner Competition, it is time to review its vagaries and what it takes to have a winning chatbot.

Posted by Adrian Bauer on 10/20/14 02:36:00 pm in Design, Console/PC, Indie
In this article I want to take a brief look at how stories in games can be used effectively through gameplay to flesh out important details that give more weight to the larger much simpler goal of the overall game.

Posted by Lewis Pulsipher on 10/20/14 02:36:00 pm in Design
This was created for the benefit of relatively inexperienced game designers, as "pros" know it already. But summaries are often useful. The video (screencast) is more than 14 minutes long.

Posted by Bill Gardner on 10/17/14 12:30:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Design, Production, Console/PC
Using personas as a tool to get inside heads.

Posted by Ian Bogost on 10/16/14 07:33:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Design, Indie
On isolationism in game development; my Indiecade 2014 talk

Posted by Nick Halme on 10/16/14 01:32:00 pm in Design, Smartphone/Tablet
Taking a look at the different sort of multiplayer experience Fuel introduces to mobile games, and some of the precedents set by "traditional" gaming which we can apply to mobile with this new environment in mind.

Posted by Rune Skovbo Johansen on 10/20/14 02:41:00 pm in
In this opinion piece, the argument is made that harassment could be fought more effectively if pro- and anti-GamerGate people joined forces. The many different subjects and standpoints in the matter are analyzed to try to bring nuance to the discussion.

A look at how the grievances of GamerGate can be addressed. This is not an approval of the movement but what "moderate GamerGaters" often say as the main purpose for their movement.

Posted by Eric Reis on 10/20/14 02:36:00 pm in Design, Programming, Indie, Smartphone/Tablet
It is common to see around that "polishing won't make a bad game good". But I found this very misleading, as it implies that you should save your efforts. But what if a good game feels bad due to lack of polishing?

Posted by Cary Chichester on 10/20/14 02:36:00 pm in Design
Looking at some of the reasons players have for wanting to quit Destiny and why they are still hooked.

Game attorney Zachary Strebeck looks at the threat of legal action by Indie Boards & Cards against a recently-funded Kickstarter project, Moriarty’s Machinations. Is it really a clone, or do the threats have no basis in the law?

Posted by Eduardo Cabrera on 10/20/14 02:12:00 pm in Design, Production
The purpose of this entry is to focus on the properties of A/B testing and how it can impact the game League of Legends by Riot Games and the eSports scene. First we must define A/B Testing; it’s a method used to test two or more features simultaneously.