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February 28, 2015
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February 28, 2015
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Posted by Christian Nutt on 02/27/15 06:59:00 pm in Design, Console/PC, Indie
Another of my Metroidvania source interviews -- this time with Jools Watsham of Renegade Kid, developers of Xeodrifter.

Posted by Dan Adelman on 02/27/15 03:53:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Indie
Indie developers struggle with the question of how to price their game and when to put in on sale. This article gives a framework for understanding pricing and suggests a 3-step approach, including a recommendation to announce price drops well in advance.

Posted by John Harris on 02/27/15 03:08:00 pm in Design, Console/PC, Indie
@Play is back with a long article about the legacy and future of Genesis roguelike-ish game ToeJam & Earl.

Posted by Jamie Madigan on 02/26/15 02:10:00 pm in Design, Console/PC, Social/Online
Has anyone ever done research on whether playing on the red team or the blue blue gives one a mental edge in games? Yep.

Posted by Adriaan de Jongh on 02/25/15 04:33:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Indie
contract( ) (pronounced Ďdo contractí) generates free, plain English agreements for and between game developers. Itís based on the idea that developers do not need legalese to come to an agreement or to resolve a disagreement.

What does turning fifty in game development mean to me? I canít imagine a life that doesnít involve making games. Over the years, Iíve grown and changed--and Iím nowhere near done yet. As an industry, we can grow and change too.

Posted by Glen Cooney on 02/27/15 03:53:00 pm in Design, Art, Serious, Indie, Smartphone/Tablet
Overcoming the challenge of making an abstract, serious game for mobile through intelligent theming, emotional appeal, and using UI to nonverbally teach your mechanics to your players.

Posted by Drew Giovannoli on 02/27/15 03:53:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Indie, Smartphone/Tablet
For our ASO class in the "Indie Game Promotion Tactics" series, we'll talk to Jai Jaisimha, Ph.D CEO, Founder of Appnique who has had mobile and analytics career since 1989. Below are class notes, tools, and game links from the video.

Posted by Kee-Won Hong on 02/27/15 03:08:00 pm in
Success in business and battle is often found in being where your competition is not; Let's consider creating a Blue Ocean at the intersection of two well known concepts by removing the distinction between 'video' and 'tabletop'.

Posted by Kayne Ruse on 02/27/15 03:08:00 pm in Programming
A programming shortcut when dealing with a large enumeration, processed by a switch statement. A rare corner case, but I thought it might be useful to somebody.

Posted by Cody Olivier on 02/27/15 03:08:00 pm in Programming, Indie
I discuss how we use normal Behavior Trees components to give the bosses in FireFight an AI style reminiscent of bosses from retro shooters and Legend of Zelda which is easily testable and extensible.

Posted by Jonathan Bailey on 02/27/15 03:08:00 pm in Design, Indie
Several weeks ago we began building a match game tool. We played and analyzed many match games to deconstruct their mechanics. In this article we share our findings.