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April 25, 2014
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Posted by Mark Griffiths on 04/25/14 02:22:00 am in Console/PC, Social/Online
There is a general consensus in the academic literature that excessive gaming can lead to a wide range of physical and psychological problems, and therefore necessary to explore the nature and the scale of the phenomenon. But how do we best assess it?

Demos are a reality in video game development. They are also responsible for crunching teams, missing targets and all around poor morale. So why do I think properly managed demos are positive for game development? Read on and please share your comments

Posted by Seth Sivak on 04/24/14 01:45:00 pm in Production, Console/PC, Indie, Smartphone/Tablet
Push the team and embrace a little bit of crunch. You will be glad you did.

Posted by Liz England on 04/23/14 09:01:00 pm in Design, Console/PC
“So what does a game designer do?” they ask. It's a hard question to answer - especially to people outside of games - so I came up with a simple, direct response. "Let me tell you about doors..."

One simple tool can make your work life better.

A review of the month of March in regards to the media coverage of video games and video game platforms.

Posted by andreas grontved on 04/25/14 04:34:00 am in Design, Production, Art
A micro-article on how to severely optimize a humanoid rig - by only using 5 important bones.

Posted by Lena LeRay on 04/24/14 09:25:00 pm in Indie
Some of the Japanese developers who went to BitSummit this year got together recently and streamed themselves drinking and talking (mostly about the Japanese indie scene). Here are some things I pulled out of their conversation.

Posted by Rob Weber on 04/24/14 03:32:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Indie, Smartphone/Tablet
Google Play's new rules prohibiting deceptive app promotion don't address the root cause: Play's discovery and monetization problems. NativeX Co-Founder Robert Weber explains how Google can do that while also helping indie Android game devs succeed.

Posted by Zoran Cunningham on 04/24/14 02:04:00 pm in
Every once in a while a developer takes chances with gameplay mechanics that push a genre in interesting new directions and Cryptozoic Entertainment has managed to do just that with the Street Fighter Deck-Building Game.

Posted by Rob Targosz on 04/24/14 11:49:00 am in Design, Programming, Indie, Smartphone/Tablet
An overview of the process I followed for creating boards for my upcoming game Word Portal, including attempts at procedural generation, and interim solution and future plans.

As developers, designers of games, how often do we stop to think about the people who gets to play them? Do we take into consideration what their perspectives are?