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January 26, 2015
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Posted by Sande Chen on 01/26/15 03:41:00 pm in Design, Serious
In this article, game designer Sande Chen reviews how gamification can ideally assist in people's fitness goals.

Posted by Timo Heinapurola on 01/26/15 03:41:00 pm in Programming
In this blog post I explain how to create a back-end renderer that you can access on multiple threads and also hide some of the inherent latency of API calls on multi-core systems.

Middleware are great tools, but you might also end-up with an amazing engine if you do it yourself. Admittedly, native and homemade technology are not for everyone, but for me, it was the perfect choice.

Posted by Lewis Pulsipher on 01/26/15 03:41:00 pm in Design
While we usually think of boards in conjunction with boardgames, many video games also use the equivalent of boards, "fields of maneuver". This is a discussion of options.

Posted by David Gallant on 01/25/15 04:17:00 pm in Business/Marketing, Serious
John Bain, a.k.a. TotalBiscuit, has long proven toxic towards marginalized folks and is an active voice against diversity in this industry. It's time to leave him behind.

Posted by Isaac Knowles on 01/21/15 04:32:00 pm in
ESO's switch to F2P gives more ammo to the consensus view that subscription models have gone (or should go) the way of the dodo. I suspect we'll continue to see them Not because publishers are stupid, but because they are smart.

Posted by Corey Warning on 01/26/15 04:01:00 pm in Design, Production
A recap from my first Global Game Jam

Posted by Zachary Strebeck on 01/26/15 03:41:00 pm in
California lawyer Zachary Strebeck looks at what kind of legal protection a company can get for their website or blog. A recent California case highlights some of the important law in website trade dress cases.

Parts 6/7: Creating my own one man garage company, first mobile app and first game.

Posted by Nicu Listana on 01/26/15 03:41:00 pm in
A recap of the 2014's biggest milestones for the gaming culture and industry.

Today's post looks at the concept of player agency or how much impact the player actually has when it comes to affecting the narrative and the problems with too much or too little agency.

Posted by Thierry Brochart on 01/26/15 03:41:00 pm in Indie
The GGJ was a success all around the world! And a success locally too!