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XBLA Analysis in short, June 2013
by Ryan Langley on 07/09/13 09:09:00 am   Expert Blogs   Featured Blogs

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No longer doing big analysis, but let's let the numbers speak for themselves!

And here we go, the final list for June 2013!

- Castlestorm hasn't seen a huge amount of sales from Zen Studios, but it is also on Steam as well as PSN.
- Could not follow Storm, Fireburst or Thunder Wolves, but considering the middling to bad reviews I don't believe any of them sold significantly.
- Stopped following Terraria as I lost my connection to someone who owned the game and was helping getting the data.
Magic The Gathering 2014 added 50,392 players in its first week. For comparison, the 2013 version added 60,368 players, and 2012 added 83,625, so they're lowering their overall sales on XBLA year after year, but it's still very good! Plus they continue to add new versions on mobile and other systems with each iteration.
Spartacus Legends came out as a "free-to-play" title. We can't tell who's purchased IAP or not, but the game added over 200,000 players to the multiplayer mode, so the actual players is probably a bit higher.
- Swing and a miss for Doodle Jump Kinect.
State of Decay finishes off the month with 716,691 players on the leaderboards, and amazing effort for those guys. The game started out with 395,000 players in the first week, the second best selling XBLA game ever behind Minecraft, and both at $20USD!
- The official XBLA numbers for Minecraft is now 6,843,197 players, but this does not include retail purchases as the game's now available at retail. Not counting the last week the guys at Mojang said they're were over 7,000,000 owners of Minecraft on Xbox 360, so do the math!
Battleblock Theater is still holding on really well!

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