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May 25, 2018
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Posted by Trent Polack on 05/07/18 12:13:00 pm in Indie
Details on the GitHub repository where I keep a variety of free game development resources: assets, UE4 content, git and OS scripts, experiments, UE4 C++ code, sample World Machine files/output, etc. So: here's all that and why/what it is.

Posted by David Galindo on 05/07/18 10:37:00 am in Indie
A reflection on our exhibiting time at PAX East 2018 with "Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!": what worked, what didn't, and what we learned.

Posted by Simon Carless on 05/06/18 10:48:00 pm in Indie
This week's highlights include an attempt to archive key Flash games, a deeper look at Valve's upcoming Artifact, and a super-deep oral history of Panzer Dragoon Saga, among others.

Posted by Jake Birkett on 05/04/18 04:03:00 am in Indie
Back in 2014, before SteamSpy, I wrote about using Steam’s review count to estimate sales. Now that SteamSpy is unable to show the number of owners due to Valve’s privacy policy changes, the review count method has become valid again!

Posted by Trent Polack on 05/03/18 11:41:00 am in Indie
A step-by-step breakdown of my final scene composition iteration process for environmental lighting, effects, clouds, atmospherics, and volumetrics in Steel Hunters (in Unreal Engine 4).

Posted by Simon Carless on 04/29/18 10:40:00 pm in Indie
This week's highlights include multiple God Of War interviews, how Budget Cuts moves in VR via portals, and an interview with Super Mario 64's facial sculptor, among others.

Posted by Jeremy Alessi on 04/27/18 09:17:00 am in Indie
The Indiepocalypse happened. Now what do we do?

Posted by Jake Birkett on 04/25/18 03:55:00 am in Indie
I recently asked developers to share their Steam wishlist-related data because I wanted to know the relationship between wishlists at launch and sales at launch. Here's what I found out.

Posted by Simon Carless on 04/22/18 08:50:00 pm in Indie
This week's highlights include a piece on Zelda & ambient video games, the role of parents in games like God Of War, and a NBA Jam making-of video.

Posted by Paul White on 04/20/18 09:20:00 am in Indie
A five-year retrospective on lessons learned from inside the history of VR locomotion by industry pioneers at Cloudhead Games.