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October 28, 2016
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October 28, 2016
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Posted by Drew Montgomery on 10/28/16 09:54:00 am in Production, Serious
QA in the games industry has always been a second thought, but the quality of our games is too precious for it to continue to be downplayed. In this post, we discuss the merits of maintaining a core team and of developing your group to fit your needs.

Posted by Gabriel Brasil on 10/28/16 09:54:00 am in Programming, Production, Indie
Hi! My name is Gabriel Brasil and I have been working in the past few months in a game called Crack In. It was a University project, so it is, currently, just a MVP of what we plan to release.

Posted by Simon Jackson on 10/27/16 01:41:00 pm in Production, Console/PC, Indie
With MonoGame, we have the power of the content pipeline, but how do you effectively use it to save you time and effort when building games? Using the Content Pipeline, you can pre-bake or process content at build time, saving you valuable cycles in game

Posted by Miroslav Martinovic on 10/27/16 01:40:00 pm in Design
On how your game (and community) comments on mechanic can sometimes be more important than what the mechanic really does. (Shown on example from Hawken, cross-inspired by two articles on gamasutra)

Posted by Emilia Szymanska on 10/27/16 01:30:00 pm in Programming
In the previous post about the basic scrolled list I listed out some performance issues that it involves. Today I’m going to present a much more robust solution, which we came up with at Tabasco.

Posted by Michael Adaixo on 10/27/16 12:08:00 pm in Production
Jumpy Rope post mortem. How not making a plan leads to under estimating the effort of releasing a game.